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Rozalini corporate identity

Desserts from legendary master

For new positioning, the legend of 19-year-old Italian-born guy Mario Rosalini was developed. Thanks to his excellent taste, knowledge of traditional recipes and an incredible desire to create new desserts, his confectionery shop in Lviv has received recognition not only among the townspeople, but also among foreign guests

Newly developed brand book with unique written font, facsimile medallion and purple color palette has added graphic component to the legend.

Medallion and signature Mario ROZALINI

An integral part of the brand is a facsimile of signature of Mario ROZALINI. This elegant touch to brand's history: - emphasizes old style of the medallion; - inspires confidence in fact of real existence of famous pastry chef; - is a kind of quality stamp, as if saying: "Confirmed by name of the master." Facsimile of Mario ROZALINI is used on packaging, as well as in signature of image documents.