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TM Molendam

Advertising campaign 2020

“Eat and forget about fatigue!”

New brand positioning and a new niche in the processed cheese market.

We have developed a creative concept including idea, legend, slogan, video, audio, digital and graphic content.

The bright cow of Molendam appeared in the brand's previous advertising campaign, when, in search of positioning that would allow us to emphasize the format of processed cheese, unique for the market, we destroyed all stereotypes and made them stylish. To promote the brand, a lady from Molendam was created - a stylish and modern cow, who even has her own Instagram account.

After focus groups, we found that most modern women are constantly busy with work, home, children - everything but themselves. Trying to be in time everywhere, they sometimes do not have time to pause and be alone with themselves to relax and recharge. It is for such everyday superheroines that we decided to take a delicious break to restore strength and mood. Several 3d plastic surgeries and the stylish lady from Molendam began to walk on two legs, and started disperse the clouds by other two, giving a carefree pause to those who enjoy Molendam melted cheese.