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Towards Data-Driven Healthcare

Digital Event

Digital transformation

in healthcare from Microsoft

At the end of 2022, Play agency once again assisted Microsoft in arranging a digital event. Our team proposed an unusual format for such an online event and developed an original concept that was supposed to resemble the style of a "Netflix documentary".

The script was about a day in the life of a Microsoft employee who talked about his work in the office throughout the day. We also learned about Microsoft's contribution to digital transformation in healthcare. Initially, our team created a technical script and a script for the event itself. The moderator was recorded at Microsoft's office in Prague, but that's not the end of it. We also arranged and executed professional filming of the event speakers in Israel and Belgrade (Serbia).

Based on the key visual provided by our client, we created all the animation, including the introduction, transitions, and finale.

Our team developed and animated graphic elements that visually emphasized the speakers' dialogues. And as always, we professionally edited and post-produced the final product!