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Sam’s Steak House

Visual Style


a legendary


In 2021, the renowned Kiev-based restaurant, Sam’s Steak House, underwent a modernization process. The previously dark and somber ambiance with heavy curtains gave way to a bright, light, and slightly ironic atmosphere, accentuated by a profusion of pop-art elements and vinyl sounds, treading the fine line between kitsch and art.

Naturally, the visual style also needed to be revamped. The first step involved visualizing the main brand element - a large bull head, which served as the establishment's primary symbol. We proposed numerous designs until we arrived at the perfect, compact, yet not overly abstract image of the same bull donning a jacket. The remaining tasks involved updating the restaurant's logo, selecting appropriate colors and font styles, as well as developing outdoor and social media advertisements to mark the restaurant's reopening.

Once again, we chose the beloved bull as the focal point for our advertising campaign. We incorporated the jacket and trendy style to complement the restaurant's aesthetic, creating a 3D rendering of our hero, who joined the pop-art interior elements. Billboards, city lights, and videos promoting the reopening of the restaurant were designed accordingly.