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Advertising Campaign of 2021


"Tastes Good,

Nothing Else Matters"

In 2021, we continued our collaboration with Ukrproduct and their brand of processed cheese, Molendam. We came up with a new concept for our beloved cow in the form of three short promo videos, focusing on taste, ingredients, and packaging.

To optimize the small budget, while still retaining the 3D character developed in the previous campaign, we proposed a modern style using motion animation. We added music and voice-over to the videos. Several options for collages and motion movements were created, featuring the familiar Molendam lady enjoying the cheese in a meadow, relaxing in the countryside, and presenting the cheese like a chef.

Based on the finished promo videos, we developed numerous digital banners and other materials for this campaign. The task was completed, the client is satisfied, and our team is happy with the collaboration.